Plain T-shirts have now become simple t-shirts that have simple accents and are very suitable for use in daily activities and are still the mainstay of user needs in various activities, whether formal, semi-formal, or casual. The variety of types of plain t-shirts and the availability of custom t shirts sometimes make people confused “A body like me, what size shirt should I wear?” Do not want to look too small / too big in buying quality plain t-shirts, users often ask for the right size for themselves, and the type of plain t-shirt material is comfortable, not thin and of course able to absorb sweat well. Here’s how to choose a t-shirt that fits and is comfortable for you:

Know the Types of Plain T-shirts

Below are the types of plain t-shirt materials that we recommend for you, including the following:

  • CVC (Cotton Viscose)

This material is a blend of 55% combbed cotton and 45% Viscose. This material is sweat absorbent.

  • Viscose

It has a cotton-like texture. Viscose fiber has moisture resistance, is soft, has an attractive color brightness, looks luxurious, so the price is a little expensive.

  • 100% Cotton Combed

Combed cotton material has several types including: 20s,24s,30s,40s. The bigger the number, the finer and thinner the material, and the price also follows the quality. For this type of t-shirt, distros usually wear 20s and 30s. This material has a smoother, even knitted texture.

  • 100% Cotton Carded

Cotton carded material has several types including: 20s, 24s and so on. This material has a less smooth texture, and is uneven but still comfortable to wear because it is made of natural cotton fiber. Usually, it is widely used for middle-class t-shirts, because the price is relatively friendly compared to combed cotton.

  • Cotton bamboo

The fabric is made of cotton and bamboo fiber, has a smooth texture, is lightweight, has a higher sweat absorption capacity than combed cotton, is anti-bacterial, and the material is really cool when worn. But unfortunately, the raw material is a bit thinner and expensive when compared to combed cotton.

  • Japanese cotton

This type of cotton is made from 100% full cotton and there is no mixture of other synthetic materials. Japanese cotton has a smoother t-shirt surface texture and the price is also more expensive than ordinary cotton.

Examine the Shoulders

Try to pay attention, on the shoulder there is a connection between the body of the shirt and the sleeves. and the seam must be at the corner of the shoulder bone, if the seam is right at the corner of the shoulder, the size will automatically fit your body, neither too small nor too big.

 Pay attention to the length of the shirt

A normal shirt or custom t shirts length usually ends between the bottom of your belt and half your pants zipper. If you wear a shirt whose length is above the bottom of the buckle, usually if you bend down the back will be visible and very uncomfortable to wear. So, it would be better before buying a t-shirt online, you already understand the body size that has previously taken measurements at the tailor.

Choose the size according to your body

Choosing the size seems to be a crucial thing for you. As much as possible look for the fit and comfortable. Where the size of the shirt consists of (XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL) is usually determined based on the length and width of the shirt.

Favorite Color Choice

color is the taste of each person. Free to choose colors as desired so that users appear more confident and comfortable to use. Usually, each type of brand of plain t-shirts has various colors and the best-selling ones are usually maroon, white, black, navy, army, gray, red and many others.

By Belle