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The Shareit mobile and desktop application is an ideal piece of software which allows you to transfer images and documents from one device (smartphone, PC, laptop) to another device instantly.

Download Shareit Apk

download shareit apk

Gone are the days, when you had to wait several hours just to receive a movie from one device to other through Bluetooth. Sometimes you get disappointed by the transfer time or even files crashed in between transfer with unknown reasons.

Well, times have changed. The disadvantage of Bluetooth like battery usage, connectivity issues, distance issues, time factor left no choice for humans to either bear the pain or leave using it, having no better alternative. Today, you can get rid of Bluetooth because it’s replaced with better, fast and reliable technologies which are safer and advanced to replace it and are commonly used all over the world, the best example is Shareit app.

Shareit App Download:

This software-based free application allows you to transfer files between devices at a much faster rate compared with Bluetooth provided that both the devices are Wi-Fi compatible.

While you are on a network you can send files offline like apps, music, videos, pictures, documents, apps, photos, games in a few seconds. Furthermore, the app is cross-platform like compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, tablets, PC, Mac and works on any device like Smartphones, PC, tablets etc.

This is the most widely used app and available in 39 languages and still getting translated into other languages to server globally on a large scale. The need for fast media transfer came when Bluetooth because dead with it’s slow speed and unsafe protocols with USB drives which could take hours and hours to transfer small files. But the development of Shareit replaced it totally with it’s Wi-Fi direct methods.

CompatibilityAndroid, iOS, MacOS, Windows
File SizeVaries with device
CompanySHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd

Shareit has earned a lot of reputation in this fast-growing app industry and that caused them a huge number of downloads and installs which makes its rivals like xender, zapya because it has a user-friendly interface which features rich content. Unlike Shareit, you cannot use xender on PC, and zapya also they lack advanced features like remote image streaming, PPT readability and don’t allow direct access to PC, which in return makes the Shareit the best app for sharing and transferring data.

Back in 2012 when shareit was launched as anyshare in China. It instantly became popular where people were fed up of using slow Bluetooth mechanism, everyone found this app amazing with its fast transfer rates crossing 20Mbps and shifting larger filer one device to other in a matter of seconds made the Shareit the most downloaded app for smartphones across all platforms. Right now there are over 200 million active users of Shareit which are using this app.

Using the ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection it proves itself to be 200 times faster and much safer without using an internet connection, Wi-Fi or any other connection. If you want to transfer some files between two phones of different platform and have shareit installed in both devices, you can start sharing right away and will be done in minutes. From the end of sender press sending data button and on the receiver end press receiving data, then both devices will locate themselves on the radar or map showing with which to connect to send data. As soon as you pick the destination from the source data will be gone before you confirm by asking that data is received.

But sending data is not the only thing you can do with shareit. There are several internal features shareit comes with allowing you to customize your phone. You can better get the app from the download button below to know further about the app. Nothing to worry about the platform as it is cross-platform and works on iOS, android, Windows, laptops, and tablets.

Shareit App

If you don’t want to download it from here you can download it from official Google Play Store with the latest version for free.

If you want to download it for iOS you can download it from here.

To download shareit for PC or windows you can download it from here.

You can visit the Windows app store to get the app for Windows phone for free.

Shareit for Android/iOS/iPhone

You can download shareit for Android phones, iOS or iPhone as well as for windows phone.

shareit apk file

You can download shareit apk file easily from the list given above. This is the simplest and easy way to get a apk file for you PC. Now a days you can get it for free. Simply download it from the above link.

Final Words

The transferring process with the invention of this app has been revolutionized because people are enjoying the perks of fast and safe transfers making this app popular and famous in the market. The reliability of this app makes it an ideal choice for those looking forward to transfer data across multiple platforms. It has left behind many big names like xender, zapya, super apps etc. You can use cloneit, cleanit in the shareit app.


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