For most families, holidays are a mandatory agenda at the end of the year. It was at that moment when all family members got closer to each other and gathered together, releasing all fatigue during a year of work and refreshing the mind to get new enthusiasm for the next year.

Before the holidays, usually, it will be troublesome to prepare everything, not infrequently in preparation for the holiday, it makes you stressed, having to remember what things must be prepared, carried, and done later.

Such as determining the destination of a vacation spot, preparing transportation including vehicles, vehicle conditions, and physical preparation for driving and physical preparation during a vacation. Imagine the hassle and tiring of traveling on vacation, not to mention having to think about the long journey by driving your vehicle.

Considering that vacation is a moment that all family members must enjoy, it seems like renting a car or renting a car is a better alternative than bringing your car. Especially at this time car rental companies have mushroomed in big cities which are many holiday destinations. You just have to choose car rental, besides being Thrifty Rent a car also has various benefits such as these:

  • Relaxed, Free from Fatigue. Self-driving

Vacations are moments that should be enjoyed in a relaxed manner, so renting a car ensures you can enjoy your trip without worrying about traffic conditions like in Jakarta. You can also take advantage of the time to rest so that you can arrive at your destination in prime condition and in a good mood.

  • Experienced Driver and Know the Local Area

You are guaranteed to be satisfied by visiting many popular places. The reason is that the trip is more effective because experienced drivers usually know about city conditions and alternative routes that are not hit by jams, faster routes. This is of course perfect for those of you who take a short vacation.

  • More Flexible Travel Schedules and Choice of Tourist Attractions

Want to relax on the beach, enjoy the cool mountains or go shopping and culinary tours? You can just arrange the itinerary as you wish and choose the tourist spots you want to visit. Usually, the driver will be ready to take you anywhere without being bound by time or schedule of activities. You can freely stop to simply enjoy a variety of street food found on the side of the road.

So, while there is still time, plan your vacation as a family in advance, and find fun moments of family togetherness at the end of the year.

By Belle