travel advisorFriends of mine who own a hotel in Orlando, Florida are originally from the African country of Kenya. But there have already been many articles about the lawsuits and consumer complaints against TripAdvisor including a 2.3 star ranking on the Better Business Bureau I would prefer to ignore TripAdvisor, cut out the middleman and just speak directly to my advisor

Indeed, it’s no longer a secret that being an advisor is an exciting career option — particularly if your passions include traveling and learning about the world, mastering the logistics of travel and making people’s dreams come true (it might sound cheesy, but it happens).

If they wish to make a tour, activity or experience bookable through TripAdvisor or its affiliate companies, they must enter into an agreement with one of TripAdvisor’s affiliate companies, pursuant to which the suppliers are paid for bookings made through our platforms.

I don’t like contributing my free content for websites like TripAdvisor because it then grants all sorts of authority” to the authors of these anonymously posted reviews, articles and photos with badges such as Luxury Hotel Expert” or Restaurant Expert” or Senior Contributor” purely based on quantity, not quality (I vote to make that the new TripAdvisor motto).

Use the menus at the top to select a travel advisor based on the destination you wish to visit, or the type travel you are interested in (family travel, honeymoon, luxury beach vacation, safari, etc.) You will be presented with a list of specialists, each uniquely qualified to help with your travel plans.

By Belle