If you are a beginner traveler, it might seem hard to pick your first destination. There are so many wonderful locations all around the globe, and you can’t really miss any of them. Where did you always want to go? Perhaps a certain culture interests you the most? Is your dream vacation on a sandy beach at a luxury hotel, or a foot journey across the Amazon river? In this post, we are going to explore the best destinations for a newbie tourist.


Budget Considerations

Well, this really should be the first consideration that pops into your mind. As this is your first, you don’t really have to go crazy with it. Wherever you live, the nearest country will offer you plenty of exploration. However, there are all kinds of tickets and ticket prices, so you may be able to fly a few hundred or even a thousand kilometers more but end up paying the same thing.

It’s not really about the mileage of your flight, but look at this from this perspective: For X amount of money, I can fly in this direction, or the opposite. Where should you prioritize? Wherever your heart desires. It’s you traveling and seeing the world, and you should make the decision.

Apart from the ticket cost, you must settle for the daily average you are willing to spend, or at least a total sum for the whole journey. The worst thing that could happen is you running out of money in the middle of your trip. What do you do? That would be a disastrous situation, one that you might sort out, but we really don’t recommend trying.

The Time Aspect

How long is your travel going to take? Do you have a vacation just for the weekend, or do you desire to spend a two-week lush? If you just have a short period of time, it wouldn’t make sense to fly all over the world, see a few attractions and fly back. Here, it would be better to settle for a less exhausting trip and to enjoy the vacation as long as you want to.

If you are one of the lucky ones who can afford to go on a two-week vacation, you could totally choose absolutely any destination. Have you always dreamed of flying to that exotic, far-away destination? Now is the chance to go for it. The Maldives or Bali are waiting for you.

Some destinations, such as the US (whether you are a foreigner or a single-state lover), require plenty of time to explore and marvel at. Cities such as Los Angeles and New York are themselves worthy of a two-week vacation. Can you imagine fitting more into a trip that “short”? Especially if you fly from Europe, your best bet would be to stay for as long as possible (with the tickets costing more than a thousand dollars each, we suggest the minimum staying period of one month). 

So Where Should I Go Already?

All the above factors considered, anywhere. But hey, there’s a reason some countries are favored by tourists and others not so much. A place like Japan is full of heart-warming experiences even for the novice visitor, while India may prove more of a challenge, because of its harsh conditions and dangerous environment. Exploring the cultural aspects of the country is usually one of the reasons a person settles on a given nation. What makes you wonder the most about a particular place? What are the goals you want to accomplish on your given trip?

Here Is Our Absolute Best Top Pick For Your Long Trip:

A Long Stay Active Vacation

If there’s anywhere in the world an individual should visit at least once, in their lifetime, it’s Japan. Why? Because its culture is pure and unlike any other in the world, and for an exceptional reason. This country was isolated from foreigners until the end of the 19th century. No other country in the world has been so secluded as “The Land of The Rising Sun”. While the typical Tokyo and Kyoto tours might prove sufficient, our best recommendation for you would be to stay at Kushiro City, the most popular domestic destination for the Japanese themselves. And that should tell you a lot because the citizens of this nation love to travel. To learn about the stay-cation we are suggesting, head to the local website: nomadtabi.com and read more about Hokkaido (Kushiro). check out the latest article they did on Hokkaido (Kushiro).

While this is by no means absolute, while you are at it, you can pick up a few words and phrases from the local language, and perhaps that way you will feel the country deeper. We always suggest studying the native language at least a little bit, because that might get you out of an uncomfortable situation. For an easy, we suggest trying out Duolingo, which teaches you Japanese in a game-like fashion, with real-life results.

By Belle