With all of the dilemmas life may throw at you, it can be easy to overlook fitness. Health and wellbeing should almost always be at the forefront of your mind, no matter what other responsibilities you have.

Entrepreneur Michael Canzian has written about the ways fitness can help your immune system and quality of life. To reap all the benefits, it helps to understand the different components of fitness.

Physical Activity

Exercise is important for everyone, even if you’re not an athlete. Resistance training such as weightlifting can strengthen your muscles and bones, making it easier to work with heavy objects and avoid issues such as osteoporosis. Endurance training such as running can improve your heart and help you stay physically active for a duration of time. Stretching can improve your posture and flexibility, which corrects muscle imbalances and reduces injury risks.


Proper sleep is easily forgotten about in the modern world. People should get at least eight hours of sleep per night, and it’s preferable to wake after a REM cycle is completed. Setting up a “winddown time” and avoiding technological devices before bed can help with sleep problems. Your circadian rhythm might benefit from going to bed and waking up around the same time every day.


A proper diet is crucial for maintaining a healthy body. Dieting can be controversial since many health experts recommend different foods to eat and avoid. However, nutritionists often land at their conclusions through trial and error, and you may need to do the same. Paying attention to the way different foods make you feel in the short-term and long-term can help you work out the best eating habits for yourself.


Fitness isn’t just about the physical body. In order to stay committed to something, you must have the right mentality. Improving your mental wellbeing may include self-help books, meditation, a walk through nature or a pep talk from a friend. Regardless of how you do it, improving your mental state can help you stick to your fitness goals and enjoy the rewards later.

Fitness involves movement, rest, positive thinking and eating responsibly. While this may seem like a long list of things to stay on top of, you should become more disciplined as you go. The benefits of fitness can translate towards other aspects of your life, whether you are moving around or sitting still. The right follow-through can help you overcome expectations and improve your life.

By Belle