If you want to change the atmosphere of the daily routine while spending quality time with family on weekends, there are so many tourist attractions that can be visited. However, what if the financial does not support? Not to mention the tired feeling of driving for hours. You still can go on vacation without the need to drain. Staycation at the hotel is the answer.

Especially for you who live in a big city. A lot of options for hotel classes with complete facilities still make the family vacation more memorable than out of town. What are the benefits of staycation without any travel plans? Quality time with family is the best choice because it only stays in a place that feels like home. If we spend the time walking everywhere for shopping, how much time is wasted? In the hotel room, you and your family can bring some exciting movies that can be watched. For example like at Novotel Vintage Park. Visit their website at  https://www.novotelphuketvintagepark.com/.

A staycation can be used as a resting time and relaxation from work fatigue. You can enjoy together swimming with the children, accompany them to play at the hotel’s kids club, candlelight dinner with your husband/wife, enjoy the spa and fitness facilities in the hotel. It’s fun, right? The budget for shopping can be allocated for another purpose, for example, stay in more than one night, if time allows. The cost can also be saved for another vacation.

You should be able to maintain the child’s mood from cranky and the family vacation becomes uncomfortable. As most of the time that is spent in the hotel, make sure before check-in, the hotel has facilities that can support your desire for refreshing stay such as a gym, spa, or swimming pool.

The moods always have to maintain. A hotel with a view and a clean environment can make your body and family feel fresher. Choose a room that is comfortable and has a balcony so the morning view will make their mood feel better.

Look for low budget hotels but have good reviews. It can help us find out whether the hotel is suitable for us or not. If you are taking a walk or going to visit an area like Phuket, try to come and pay attention to interesting lodgings so that when you want to vacation in that area, you know both of location. Before booking a hotel room, look at the facilities provided and compare them with the price, whether it is quite attractive or not.

By Belle