Depression is a disorder characterized by unusual behaviors. This is caused by extreme sadness or an irritable mood that exceeds normal sadness. There are some people who are vulnerable to this condition. Signs of depression can also affect physical functions that can lead to unusual crying, overeating, and excessive sleep.

It is important that you know how to manage depression. Aside from medication and treatments, here are some ways to cope with depression:

1. Reduce sugar from your diet. Depression is usually associated with a low serotonin level in our brains. Sugars provide a short-term boost to serotonin. That is why a lot of people crave sugar whenever they feel depressed. The effect will just be for a short while and you will later feel depressed again. You can also try CBD Oil, there are many benefits contained in CBD Oil, one of which is to help you overcome depression.

2. Take multivitamins and eat healthy foods. These will make you feel energized.

3. Exercise regularly. It provides you with energy that can enhance your mood for hours.

4. Get enough sunlight and fresh air. Daily sunshine paired with clean fresh air even for just 10 minutes can make you feel better.

5. Sleep well. Lack of sleep can cause irritation, depression, and poor body function. Sleeping at least 7 hours a day can help a lot in improving your frame of mind.

6. Socialize more. Making friends and having a small chat can ease your depression.

7. Pray often. Prayer is proven to help with depression. A few minutes of prayer and meditation will definitely improve your mood.

8. Keep a journal of your moods and thoughts. Keeping a daily record of your moods and what made you to feel that way may help you see a pattern on the things that make you feel depressed.

9. Consult a Doctor. Do not be shy in taking advantage of professional resources. Seek advice from a therapist, a consultant, or a psychiatrist. You can also talk to the priest or the pastor of your religious community for counseling.

By Belle