Ho Chi Minh City Tourism is a tourist spot in Vietnam which is famous for its cheap shopping villages. There are many things, souvenirs, etc. that can be redeemed for cheap. One of the tourist attractions in Vietnam is a dangerous place for you who like shopping. The price list offered will make you probably buy more than the shopping list that you have compiled. Almost all items are sold at cheap prices, starting with paintings, fabrics, musical instruments, clothes with ethnical patterns, souvenirs, even antique watches, and collections of French colonial stamps. Of course, the shopping place is at Ben Thanh Market which is located exactly in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City.

There are many luxury hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, some of which are located close to District 3, one of which is Hotel Des Arts which has GradeĀ  5 Star Hotel Saigon.

For tourists that interested in history and the background of the country, Vietnam might look for a book that sells there. You will find a seller with a high adult waist stack of books in Ho Chi Minh City. However, there are only a few books printed in English, this may be one of the weaknesses of this place. If you want to shop at a luxury and glamorous shopping center, then you can track along the path of Dong Khoi and its streets, also the branch of the road named Dong Du and Mac Thi Buoi. It will be very useful if you have the bargaining skills when you want to buy in a large amount. Please noticed, the store will generally open at 10 am local time and close in the evening. However, for a larger store, it will often close until 8 pm local time. So, you certainly have a longer time to shop here.

Ho Chi Minh City or widely known as Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh City is the largest trading center and city in the country of Vietnam. However, Ho Chi Minh City is not the capital city of the country. The transformation of Ho Chi Minh City into one of the most popular tourist spots in Vietnam takes time and sacrifice. In 1986, a policy was issued by the Vietnamese government to carry out economic reform in the country. This famous policy is called the Doi Moi Policy. The results are incredible, great changes have been achieved in the economic field which finally affected the Ho Chi Minh City

By Belle