Vacation on the beach is fun. Bury your toes in warm white sand, bask in the sun, and play in clear blue saltwater. Here are four best beaches in the world that can be a dream vacation spot.

Kamala Beach, Phuket Thailand

Kamala Beach is a beach located o the north of Patong beach. Here you will see the stretch of clean sand and clear water that offered a relaxed atmosphere. Here, there are various types of lodging that you can make for a place to stay. One of them is Swissotel 5 Star Resort Phuket.

Baia do Sancho Beach Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago that consists of 21 islands. The location is 217 miles off the coast of Brazil. This beach is a World Natural Heritage and is protected by UNESCO, the beach is known for its precious marine life, clear waters, and golden sand. This isolated Sancho Bay Beach has been very famous in the world. This place is perfect for diving and seeing turtles, colorful fish, and stingrays.

Varadero Beach, Cuba

Varadero is one of the largest tourist cities in the Caribbean. The Caribbean itself is famous for its beautiful islands. Varadero Beach is located on a narrow peninsula. It is less than a mile wide and about 12 miles long. At the northeast end of the peninsula, there is a nature reserve with natural forests and beaches. This white sandy beach gets about one million visitors per year. Besides the beach, Varadero has natural attractions, including caves and pristine forests that are easily accessible.

La Concha Beach, Spain

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La Concha Beach is a perfect crescent-shaped urban beach located in the city of San Sebastian, Basque Country, in northern Spain. La Concha beach is easy to access and famous for its cleanliness. The city of San Sebastian is just off the coast. On this beach, there are many famous bars and restaurants. If you visit this place, you will still get the holiday feeling even it is in a quite big city.

By Belle