No need to be confused to find the best destination to fill the stomach, you can visit 5 culinary attractions of Bangkok with authentic flavors. Bangkok is one of the culinary paradise of Thailand, and it has even been explained from a survey of the world traveling website that this city has become a major destination for tourists, especially food lovers. Rows of street vendors make Bangkok dubbed as

 “The World’s Best City of Street Food”, so it is not surprising if you find a lot of street food in Bangkok that offers a variety of delicious culinary.

Most of the tourists choose to experience the evening cuisine in Bangkok, in addition to the city’s awe-inspiring scenery, you may want to spend dinner with a family or a couple while chatting. This capital of Thailand is not only for natural and historical tourism, but also as the kitchen of the world in particular features a highly developed culinary range from Asian cuisine, west to traditional Thai cuisine.

All-you-can-eat seafood at Bangkok’s best seafood buffet

Aside from the Thai food you are obliged to enjoy while hunting the best place in Bangkok is to taste the savory seafood at one time in best seafood buffet bangkok. All the meals served served as a romantic dinner menu for you as you watch classical Thai dancing. One place to enjoy this food is novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20.

Eating a typical middle eastern dish

A vacation in Thailand’s largest city should not worry about finding a halal food in bangkok, since this tourist city provides Muslim tourists with food in himali cha-cha and sons as well. This humble restaurant is located at Sukhumvit soi 21 which has been established decades ago as the traveler’s favorite kosher meal. You can enjoy a delicious dish of middle eastern foods such as oven meat, wrong soup, curry, prata bread and biryani at a reasonable price.

Yaowarat, Bangkok’s culinary paradise

Yaowarat, or even better known as Chinatown, was the busiest place to visit in the country at night. According to local population yaowarat is the forerunner of Thailand’s street food world, which has the oldest age than any other Bangkok culinary tourist attraction. Even though on roadside food you need not doubt its cleanliness and taste because all the culinary dishes in this place have been selected in the quality of a restaurant in Bangkok.

Acquire a unique culinary experience in damnoen saduak

The floating market of damnoen saduak is one of the culinary tourism that offers unique flavors and other foods. Even to get a favorite culinary along the river, you have to move alongside other boats selling tropical fruits, heavy food to spicy and sweet refreshments. When it comes in the morning, look for a warm breakfast menu such as hot noodles or Fried spring rolls that are served fresh after Fried.

Luxury buffet at the crystal grill

The fourth buffet list is the crystal grill buffet in Baiyoke sky hotel 82nd floor that will make you feel the excitement of enjoying the local seafood fresh dish. The uniqueness of this luxurious restaurant in addition to offering a view of the city of Bangkok is an open kitchen set, where you can see the skills of the master chefs preparing their meals professionally.

By Belle