The island of Maui is best described as one of the world’s hidden treasures. Furthermore, my personal relationship with top Hotels&Resorts, restaurants, spas and top wine cellars help me to provide you the incredible values and rare experience, from complimentary upgrades and amenities to special recognition and privileged access.

The majority of the websites listed on TripAdvisor metasearch are Online Travel Agencies because many hotels do not choose to spend ample ad dollars to bid on metasearch ads, believing it is more economical to allow the Online Travel Agencies to pick up these incremental bookings.

Media Trips are sometimes offered privately to established travel writers, but most often are open to anyone who wants to apply IF you meet certain requirements (such as a documented writing assignment from a publication with a circulation above a specified amount, or a documented minimum level of website traffic on a high-ranking travel blog).travel advisor

A real-life example of this: A search of online travel sites for a three-night refundable stay this October at Le Royal Monceau, in Paris, one of the city’s most luxurious hotels, turned up an average price of $930 a night without any additional amenities such as breakfast.

Tours and activities will be bookable on TripAdvisor only if the suppliers of such tours and activities contract with one of TripAdvisor’s affiliate companies to have their products available for bookings or reservations through the TripAdvisor site, or otherwise if the listing is displayed as part of a commercial licensing arrangement with a third party business.

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