In the curriculum, it is mentioned that there is a personality education. People said in a skeptical tone that personality education was only a patch. What does character education look like? Let’s try to discuss it.

The Failure of Educational Institution

The basic question is: Do we need a personality education? To answer it, let’s look at several circumstances. We witness the violence phenomenon increasingly rampant. Exposure to pornography and drug abuse is rife. And many more.

Indeed, the family is the main foundation of personality education, because students spend more time in the family than in school. Thus, the teacher needs to work closely with parents, because education at school and home must be in sync with each other. As performed by the International Kindergarten Bangkok who has a mission to create character education for their students.

What exactly is character education? Character education is education that given to prepare student’s skills to deal with realities in daily life. How to bring yourself into relationships, how to speak politely, how to be tolerant of others, and also responding problems when you grow up.

Various opinions

There is any claim that character education is to make students do what instructed by the teacher. This kind of thing leads us to the imposition of punishments and a system of ‘rewards and punishments’ which is temporary only. Giving ‘rewards and punishments’ does not have a significant impact on long-term character changes.

Besides, this system only makes students become imitators of their teachers and are not trained to explore life experiences further. Exploration allows students to experience for themselves the various challenges and difficulties that established them into a person who is diligent, tough, and independent. And every student is a unique person. Therefore, let us not try to make it a teacher copycat. Teachers and students need to be together to hone skills in developing good character.

Tangible form

Personality education includes the realm of cognitive, affective, attitude, and action. It should be able to provide ‘intake’ not only for the body but also for the soul in the form of morality to determine the good-bad or right-wrong attitude. The development and implementation of character education must be carried out regarding the grand design.

That is why in a religious subject, for example, do not just emphasize aspects of prayer and worship, but also how to implement the teachings of religion in social life in a pluralistic society.

By Belle