The main attraction of Bali tourism is found in natural attractions, one of which is a beach resort. Almost all tourists who vacation in Bali, will certainly visit the beach resorts. Especially beach resorts that have white sand with sunset views. Bali Island has many white sand beaches and black sand beaches. In addition, each beach resort in Bali has its own uniqueness and beauty. The location of beaches in Bali is spread almost all over the island of Bali. Because of the many choices of beaches on the island of Bali, tourists will certainly look for the most beautiful and most popular beaches to visit while on vacation. The question is, which beach in Bali is the most beautiful and deserves to be visited while on holiday to Bali?

To answer the question about the most beautiful beaches in Bali that are worth visiting, I will write on this page about the 5 most beautiful beaches in Bali. Of course in the assessment of the choice of 10 most beautiful beaches in Bali it will be difficult to avoid subjective assessment. If you are looking for affordable diving services, you can try services from Bali Recomm, Bali Recomm provides scuba diving sanur bali, one of the tour activities that you can try.

To avoid and reduce the subjective assessment of the 5 most beautiful beaches in Bali this page, I use the opinions and choices of domestic tourists in choosing the 5 most beautiful beaches in Bali.

1. Sanur Beach Bali

If most of the white sand beaches in southern Bali have beautiful sunset views, different from Sanur beach. The attraction of Sanur Bali beach lies in the beauty of the sunrise / sunrise sight.

The location of the Sanur coastline on the coast of the eastern island of Bali makes the view of the sunrise on Sanur beach very beautiful. Not only the view of the sunrise, Sanur beach also has white sand that is very clean and suitable for swimming activities.

2. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Bali’s white sand beach is preferred by domestic tourists because it offers unique culinary tourism activities. Namely, dinner with grilled seafood dishes on the edge of Jimbaran beach, while looking at the view of the sunset.

Jimbaran Beach Bali is more suitable for tourists who are on their honeymoon who want a romantic dinner by the beach.

3. Pandawa Beach

Bali Pandawa Beach is currently popular among domestic tourists. In addition, most domestic tourists who go on holiday to the tourist attractions of southern Bali, always include a route to visit the Pandawa beach. The uniqueness and beauty of the Pandawa coast of Bali lives in:

  • Cliff Rock with a statue of five Pandavas.
  • Fine and clean white sand.
  • Seawater is calm and bluish in color.
  • Suitable for swimming and canoeing activities.

4. Tulamben Beach, Karangasem Bali

Tulamben Beach Karangasem among local people better known by the name Perasi Karangasem Beach. Referred to as the Karangasem virgin beach, because the location of the virgin beach is hidden and is in Karangasem Regency. Karangasem Regency is one of the easternmost districts of the island of Bali.

At the moment the location of the Tulamben beach in Karangasem is not known by many people. Therefore Perasi Karangasem beach is included in the category of hidden beaches on the island of Bali.

5. Menjangan Beach, West Bali

The last one is Menjangan beach, west Bali. The beauty of the beach on the island of Menjangan west of Bali is not on the white sand or sunset views but the beauty lies in the underwater panorama.

Because of the beautiful underwater scenery on the Menjangan beach, such as natural coral reefs, colorful fish and bluish sea water, making the beach on a Menjangan island to be paradise for fans of snorkeling and diving activities.

By Belle