If you’re working routine is really feverish but you desperately want to go on a relaxing vacation, we have got you covered. If you are working in UAE or a UAE resident, then you have multiple tourist countries that are not far from UAE. For example, Montenegro, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and more are just very near especially if you are travelling via plane. These countries have everything for everyone and also really cheap. So, what are you looking for? It is a fact that we all love travelling, vacations, and adventures, don’t we? A healthy break from work motivates and energizes you for your hectic work routine. Plus, vacations provide a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with your better half and kids while exploring the beautiful world. Travel in a luxury airline and book business, economy, or first class tickets at nominal price with the use of Emirates coupon available at coupon.ae. Whether you are travelling to UAE or from UAE, you can save plenty of cash on travelling expenses. Here is the list of countries that are very near from UAE.


The Government of UAE and Montenegro has strengthening their relationships particularly in tourism. They allow visa-free entry to UAE citizens and you can enjoy plenty of activities in this country like sailing at the famous Bay of Kotor, hiking at the Proliktije Mountains, and plenty of astonishing landscapes. This country is full of nature, amazing atmosphere, and greenery.


Turkey is gaining popularity in tourism department because they have lot more to offer. Turkish food, historical places, and luxurious lifestyle are really attractive and it is a perfect spot for UAE residents for vacations. The architecture is really beautiful and you should try their traditional hammam. Aside from Gaziantep, you must visit Istanbul, Bodrum, and Izmir.


In terms of history and culture, India is a very versatile country to visit for. This country is a combination of rich and poor, calm and chaos, good and bad. In India, you can visit famous Taj Mahal and other historical sites. Indian cuisine is another major attraction. Fly to your favorite country now and get discount on flight bookings with the aid of coupon.ae and Emirates coupon.


It is a dream country of every hiker because it contains world’s highest peak Mount Everest. The valleys are really gorgeous and people are very generous. If you are a serious thrill-seeker or hiker, then you must go Nepal this year for some crazy expeditions. You can see Himalayan range very closely in Nepal. What are you waiting for?


If you really love the wildlife, then you must visit northern areas of Pakistan. From lakes to peaks, greenery, and cuisine, Pakistan has much more to offer and not very far from UAE. Pakistan is blessed with breathtaking views and valleys. Save some money on booking your flight tickets by inserting Emirates coupon at the counter after picking from coupon.ae.

By Belle