The Maldives is a dream vacation destination for some travelers who want to see the charm of its beautiful view of the sea. What the interest is, Maldives also a romantic destination for couples who want to spend their honeymoon together after marriage. Nature and beaches view in the Maldives are indeed fun and suitable to be the choice of a honeymoon destination. There are plenty of tourist attractions in the exotic Maldives with beachfront resorts.

In the Maldives, there are four recommendations for a romantic tourist attraction that must visit during your honeymoon.

1. Enjoy the Resort Facilities at Shaviyani Atoll

For you who want to honeymoon in the Maldives, stay at maldives luxury resorts like Fairmont Maldives. There are other resorts in Shaviyani Atoll that provide resort day trip programs.

During the trip, you can enjoy a variety of five-star resort facilities. Those include relaxing in a hammock while enjoying views of the sea to dining accompanied by the waves.

2. Picnic at Sand Bank

Sandbank is hill sand surrounded by ocean. This place could be your destination for a romantic picnic. You can have it and relax with your spouse while having lunch on the sand that appears in the middle of the sea.

3. Snorkeling on Banana and Turtle Reef

A romantic place that you can visit with your spouse is Banana and Turtle Reef. Besides enjoying the view, you can try snorkeling to enjoy the underwater beauty. There are plenty of beautiful fishes, large turtles, and beautiful corals that you can find.

4. Sightseeing on Male Island

The next romantic tourist destination is Male Island. Male Island is the Maldives capital city. While on Male Island, you and your spouse can spend the time walking in the local market and find a variety of interesting souvenirs.

Besides the local market, there are also interesting destinations such as the Sultan’s Park, Male Friday Mosque, Tsunami Monument, and other beautiful landmarks. To cap off the day activity, dinner with your spouse on the beach becomes an exciting plan.

There are various hotels and tour packages in the Maldives that offer romantic candlelight dinners with your spouse. You will spend a romantic night. The candlelight and the waves will be a memorable experience.

By Belle